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Clark County is the third-most-populous county in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro, OR-WA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is across the Columbia River from Portland.

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Cost of Living in Clark County

Washington is a beautiful state and one of the most desirable places to live. It can be difficult and time-consuming to purchase a home. There will be closing costs and a down payment. This is typically 15-20% of the sale price. You must also sell your home if you have one in another location. After you move into your new home, utility and maintenance costs will also apply. These will add to your living expenses. There are many benefits to living in Washington, but there is also a high cost of purchasing a home.

Washington is tax-friendly

Washington does not have a state income tax Washington has no state income tax, so your paycheck is exempt from any taxes. Your take-home income will be higher due to the absence of any state income taxes. This will allow you to spend more on basic living expenses. Washington does have a 6.5% sales tax. You may also be subject to additional sales or use taxes depending on where you live. Oregon offers tax-free shopping for those who live near its border.

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Attractions in Clark County

Vancouver, Washington is perfectly located between Mount St. Helens and the Columbia River Gorge and the Pacific Coast. It offers a wide range of activities, scenic landscapes and historical attractions. Vancouver has plenty to offer, whether you're here for a family vacation or a business conference.

Mount St. Helens is a mountain with stunning views, and you might think of snowshoeing and skiing when you hear the term "mountain". The volcano is located just an hour and a quarter north of Vancouver USA and offers hiking opportunities and observatories to see the iconic Southwest Washington landmark.

The Johnston Ridge Observatory is located at the end of State Highway 504 and provides information about the 1980 eruption. It is open from mid May through October. It is the North side's closest viewing area. St. Helens is there to share his knowledge with you. Harry's Ridge is an eight-mile round trip hike that leaves the observatory and provides a direct view into the mouth of the crater.

Mount St. Helens has more than 200 miles worth of trails. These trails are marked by beautiful summer wildflowers and young forests, new lakes and an interesting landscape that forms the volcanic caldera. There are hikes of all difficulty levels and lengths, as well as one underground at The Ape Caves are perfect for hot summer days, with temperatures that remain at 42 degrees regardless of the outside temperature. Lava Canyon is a moderately strenuous hike through waterfalls after an eruption and over a suspension bridge measuring 125 feet. Or, you can try the 11-mile Goat Mountain Trail which offers views of Mount Margaret backcountry as well as huckleberry meadows.

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Healthcare Access and Affordability

Washington ranks 20th among all states for overall healthcare accessibility and affordability. Healthcare costs are a large part of the cost-of-living. Key indicators of how much you'll be paying for this resource are your ability to pay for it, as well as your ability to access it.

The rates for insurance coverage in a particular state and the out-of-pocket expenses you have to pay when receiving care are two indicators of affordability. Your cost of living will rise if you have high rates and out-of-pocket costs.

Access to healthcare refers to how simple or difficult it is to obtain the care. Access can be measured by identifying any barriers that may prevent care delivery, such as inability to get insurance coverage, long travel to healthcare centers or lack of adequate facilities and/or healthcare professionals. Another important indicator is the speed of care, which measures how quickly you can see a healthcare provider.

Clark County Schools

Clark County, WA has 136 public schools that will serve 79,875 students for the 2021-22 schoolyear. Clark County is home to one of Washington's top-ranked public schools.

Cam Academy, Grass Valley elementary school, and Prune hill elementary school are the top-ranked public schools in Clark County. The school's combined math proficiency and reading proficiency score ranking determines its overall testing rank.

Clark County's average math proficiency score is 47%, compared to the Washington public school average score of 50% and a reading proficiency score of 58% (compared to the 61% statewide). Clark County schools rank on average at 6/10. This is the highest ranking Washington public school.

The 34% minority enrollment (majority Hispanic) is lower than the 46% average (majority Hispanic) in Washington public schools.

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