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Tualatin is located in Washington County, Oregon and approximately 12 miles southwest and about a 15- to 20 minute drive from downtown Portland. The city is centrally located and easy to access all the main points of interest such as Mount Hood's epic trails or some of Oregon's most tranquil beaches.

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Homes For Sale in Tualatin, OR

Tualatin: Tree City USA

Tualatin has a safe and secure environment that offers more value for money. It is the place to be if you are considering moving to Portland, Oregon. A study by the City found that 94% of Tualatin residents rate the quality of their lives as "excellent" or "good".

Tualatin is both visually and consciously very environmentally-conscious. With 75,000 trees planted in 2018 alone, the city is often recognized as particularly environmentally-conscious. Tualatin has a Tree City USA designation, which the National Arbor Day Foundation has awarded to it for its exceptional green canopy.

You can see the pride of ownership in Tualatin's clean streets and beautifully manicured yards. Many beautiful homes can be found in Tualatin, which is a much more affordable area than the Portland Metro.

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Living Cost in Tualatin

Overall, Tualatin is less expensive than Portland. One of the largest contributing factors to this is the median home value which is around 600k. Tualatin homes tend to be more spacious, modern, and land-rich than their Portland counterparts. However, this cost is still less than Portland's home prices with a difference of approximately $37,000

Weather and Climate

Tualatin is very lush due to the abundance of rain and the exceptionally fertile soil. On average, the city experiences 141 sunny days and 147 rainy days each year. As we said, the city is known as Tree City USA.

Tualatin’s Rapid Growth

The City of Tualatin has experienced rapid growth over the past ten years. The city has more than 27,000 people, but it is small compared to Beaverton or Lake Oswego. There has been significant growth. Tualatin's median income is $72,590


Tualatin is easily accessible to major freeways and trains as well as buses. There is also a shuttle service that takes you to the major destinations in the city. The average Tualatin commute time to work is 23 minutes. Portland's transportation costs are comparable to Tualatin, but Portland has greater public transportation needs.

Real Estate in Tualatin

Tualatin's median home value is around $600,000. Portland's median home value is $574,000. Tualatin houses are typically larger and more modern than those in inner Portland. This makes them much more valuable for home buyers.

Tualatin Schools

Tualatin's education system is among the best in Oregon. The Center for American Progress reported that the Tigard-Tualatin School district had one of the best returns on investment in education across Oregon in 2011. Niche.com has awarded Tualatin 75% of its schools an A rating, while Tualatin's K-12 graduation rates are solid 90.5%. Students consistently outperform the rest of Oregon in reading, science, and math.

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