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North Portland is the sliver that runs between Northeast Portland, the Willamette River, and the Columbia River.

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Homes for Sale in North Portland

Portland Districts

Six districts make up Portland: North Portland; Northwest Portland; Northeast Portland; South Portland; South Portland; Southeast Portland; Southwest Portland. Vancouver, Washington is also nearby.

What is considered North Portland 

Although it may seem like it's only part of Northeast Portland, it is extremely important. North Portland, like all PDX districts, has its personality and a different vibe than its neighbors. North Portland, also known as NOPO, is undoubtedly the most authentic part of Portland. It is characterized by a laid-back, artsy Portlandia vibe and clean-living style.

North Portland: Living the dream

North Portland is an excellent place to run, bike, or walk. It has great bike lanes, stunning views, and great running routes. You're close to downtown, which makes it a great place for lifestyle. Depending on where you live in North Portland, it is usually within 1-3 miles of downtown. There are many back roads to get there so you don't often need to use the freeway. It's also only a few minutes away from Vancouver, Washington. Between North Portland and Vancouver, you'll find Hayden Island as well as Jantzen Beach. This is a great spot to hang out in the summer.

North Portland has large areas where people have started to renovate houses and build new homes. This is one of the few areas in the city where you can still find a house under $300,000. There are 1-2 bedroom homes available in the lower third of the city. This is a rare find in Portland. Older homes in North Portland are full of the classic PDX charm.

Condominiums for Sale in North Portland

North Portland Jobs

Portland, a small city, is well-suited for some of the best networking opportunities in the country. There are many networking events available. You can also strike up a conversation from anywhere. This is why we first mention jobs in Portland, Oregon. It can be difficult to find a job at first. It takes time to settle in, just like any other established city. This is different for each person and their career. There are many great jobs in Portland. But it is important to understand what these jobs are, how they can be found, and who you should contact to get them.

You will find more than 100 of the country's top tech companies and startups in Portland's Silicon Valley . There are many tech companies here, including Squarespace, Pixelworks and Salesforce. This hub is located between Hillsboro and Beaverton in Northwest Portland.

This huge creative hub is located in downtown Portland and includes many top agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy (North), Mutt Industries (Magento), and Mutt Industries (Magento). This hub then spreads to northeast Portland where you will find agencies like Roundhouse, Sockeye and OMFGCo. Portland hosts PDX Design Week every year. This gives you an opportunity to visit each agency.

We came to North Portland to discuss it. There are many great places to work in North Portland, including the Adidas headquarters, Kaiser Permante and Daimler, as well as Dr. Martens offices and Peterbilt offices. Adidas is right on the top of the hills that overlook the whole city. North Portland also houses the University of Portland.

You can find the Columbia Edgewater Golf Course, Riverside Golfcourse and Broadmoor on the North Portland side.

Homes with Pools for Sale in North Portland

Investment Property for Sale in North Portland

Things to Do in North Portland

North Portland is a great place to be out. This is partly because Portland's Mississippi Avenue is under its jurisdiction. There are many exceptional events on Mississippi Avenue, including Art Walks and Wine Walks. This street is full of great bars, restaurants and food carts as well as independent shops.

Prost! and Inter Urban are some of the most popular bars along Mississippi Avenue. Stormbreaker Brewing and Sidecar Bar are just a few of the many great bars that can be found on Mississippi Ave. Matt's BBQ and Mee-Sen are some of the best places to eat.

You can find stores at the PDXchange and Pistils Nursery, Sunlan Lighting and Black Book Guitars. There's also the ReBuilding Center, Ori Gallery and Black Wagon Kids Boutique. Remote.ly is a quirky coworking space on Mississippi Avenue.

There are many community events and lots of activities. You can find Posies which is one of our favorite bakeries, as well as many other places to eat or drink. For example, the Kenton Club is more of an institution. It has been around for more than 100 years. The Kenton Tavern also has great burgers. The Cultured Caveman is a gluten free restaurant. Kenton is a friendly, walkable neighborhood. St Johns is also a great place to go, with its outstanding farmers markets, food carts and bars.

Lots and Land for Sale in North Portland

To summarize

North Portland has a wide range of residential and commercial areas. It is a relaxed area of the city that welcomes both long-time residents and newcomers. You'll find great people to hang out with in areas like St. John's, Mississippi, and Kenton.

St John's

These three neighborhoods offer a wide range of lifestyles. St John's is the most relaxed, yet active and outdoor-friendly neighborhood. It is home to some of the most renowned farmers markets in Portland. It feels like a world away, yet it is close to the city.


Kenton is the newest hotspot in North Portland. However, it has been around for more than a century. Kenton is a middle place. It has entertainment, parks and walkability.


The Mississippi neighborhood is the place to be. Mississippi could be your place if you are looking for a vibrant neighborhood that is centered around one the most active entertainment areas in Portland.

A Wonderful Place to Live

North Portland has the largest number of independent shops, and the smallest number of chain stores. It retains a homey, yet polished feel. It's also a great place to commute to other areas without needing to use the freeway.

NoPo is a wonderful place to live because of its entertainment, walkability and bikeability, friendliness and wide range of housing styles.

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