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Save Thousands in Commission

When you list your house for just a 1% listing fee


Selling your home should be easy

Welcome to the “Home of the 1% listing fee”. Change Realty is a local full-servicediscount real estate brokerage serving the Portland Metro and Clark County real estate communities. Our "discount real estate broker" business model is simple. It is built around the idea of letting you (the homeowner) save money by only charging a one percent listing fee and allowing you to keep more of the equity when you sell your home.

What is a discount real estate brokerage

Being a one-percent commission realtor doesn't mean that our clients have to make sacrifices. The full-service real estate agents at Change Realty offer the same real estate services as any "traditional agent" but only charge one percent of the home's sale price in listing fees.

We have simply changed the pricing structure on the seller’s side by reducing the commissions paid to the listing agent to one percent when a homeowner sells their house. Just like any traditional realtor, our real estate services include helping our clients buy homes on a regular basis.

discount real estate broker

Experienced real estate professionals

We have become advocates for the homeowner by providing a financially responsible alternative when you go to sell your home. At Change Realty, you won't just get any one-percent commission realtor. You will get an experienced realtor, who will not only help you sell your home, but also help you keep more money from the home sale while doing it.

Now in our FOURTEENTH year of business, our one percent real estate agents have sold over $500 million worth of properties and (most importantly) helped over 1,250 families save thousands while providing all the services of full-service real estate brokers.

Should I use a discount real estate brokerage?

Change Realty home sellers are familiar with the home-selling process. They know their property is an exceptional one and will show well. The house is well-maintained, in excellent condition, and shows pride of ownership. They know that using a one percent discount real estate brokerage will save thousands when their home sells.

These home sellers also know that the full-service real estate agents at Change Realty have many years of experience in the real estate industry and offer the same service quality as the so-called traditional realtors. So they decide to get a local agent, who is a one-percent commission realtor, and never look back!

list your home for 1%

Real estate Commissions

While some people do not really know how real estate commission works, many wise home sellers do not want to pay the traditional 6% real estate commission to sell their home. And while not as much flexibility can be had with the buyer's agent commission, the listing fees are very malleable.

Home sellers need to be sure to review the listing agreement carefully before signing. Your listing agent should explain your options thoroughly when going over sales price and commissions. There should always be zero upfront cost to list your home.

Other kinds of discount real estate companies

Sophisticated home sellers know the difference between hiring a full-service discount real estate broker and using one of the “help you sell” or “flat fee” types of real estate agents.

Flat fee real estate agent

Besides using a one percent commission realtor, you have another option to sell your home. Flat fee real estate agents are exactly what they sound like. These real estate brokers and others like them offer "pay for what you need" services for a predetermined "flat fee". They are not a full-service agent.

The problem is that these types of services can have hidden fees and do not offer the same high-quality services as a traditional agent. This type of listing agent will not provide the same hands-on service that another average agent will. Unlike other discount brokerages, they may not be willing to host open houses or provide other common real estate services that would be expected from a traditional agent.

for sale by owner

For sale by owner

While not actually a type of real estate agent, it's important to talk about For Sale By Owner (FSBO). To many, trying to sell their home themselves sounds like a great way to save thousands on their home sale. However, selling homes is very involved and has a steep learning curve. Just having a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the front yard is not enough. Plus, those shopping with a buyer's agent, which is the vast majority of those looking, may never see the property since their real estate agent is using the MLS.

Finally, most people selling this way don't actually save money. In fact, NAR estimates that FSBO sales go for about 18% less than agent-listed properties. One reason is that they forget to include the costs that are usually absorbed by the real estate agent, such as professional photos. But far more substantial than the cost of professional photography is the fact that prospective home buyers, especially those not using a buyer's agent, want to save thousands too! These potential buyers know you are not paying for real estate services and want a cut of the savings. People who buy houses that are for sale by owner will expect a better sales price for this exact reason.

What type of marketing will be done to sell my home?

As a full-service real estate broker, Change Realty provides all the expected marketing for your home with a couple of extras thrown in.

Professional photography

The foundation for all of our marketing is online. We use professional photography for all of our listings. When selling real estate in today's market, the buyer for your house will most likely find it online – so we need the photos to jump off the screen!

The Multiple Listing Service

And because we are a full-service realtor, as soon as the house is listed in MLS, it will immediately be syndicated out to hundreds of websites, such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia. Just like any traditional realtor, your listing agent will provide a "for sale" sign for your home, a realtor lockbox, color flyers, and a full-color information board attached to the sign.

Custom website and video tour

In addition, our real estate services include a custom website with details about the neighborhood, schools, mapping, and a video tour to provide as much information to as many people as possible.  Click here to see an example of our custom property website. Your one percent commission realtor will also feature a narrated video tour of your listing (click here to see an example) to enhance the online experience for prospective buyersOpen houses and broker tours are also included – all for a 1% listing fee!

Full-service representation that only an experienced realtor can provide

At Change Realty, our affordable real estate services deliver full-service and more, all while being a one-percent commission realtor. Change Realty guarantees that the total real estate commission paid by a home seller will never exceed 3.5% (1% in listing fees and 2.5% for the buyer's agent commission).

In-home consultation and valuation

Our one percent real estate services start with an in-home consultation and comprehensive market analysis on the value of your home. We help with every part of the real estate transaction. That includes negotiating offers, assisting with inspection negotiations, the appraisal process – even sitting next to you when you go to sign documents at closing.

Your discount real estate agent will provide the same hands-on service that is expected from full-service real estate companies.

in-home consultation and home valuation

Need to sell your home?

If so, please call us at 503-622-8202 to set up an appointment for a top local agent to come to meet you, tour your home, and discuss our real estate services, sales, and marketing strategies with you. The listing agent will answer any questions you have about working with a discount brokerage and explain the one percent listing fees.

Our in-house agents will evaluate your home free of charge or obligation. Choose Change Realty to be your one percent commission realtor. It’s your money. It’s your choice.

What will you do with the savings?

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