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This area starts in the Lloyd District, which is just east of downtown. The river divides the area on the west side. North Williams Avenue is the boundary between Southeast Portland and Northeast Portland. The most desirable areas in Northeast run on either side of route 85, and extend north to the communities of Beaumont-Wilshire and Sabin.

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Homes For Sale in Northeast Portland

The Willamette divides East and West Portland; Burnside separates North and South Portland. This doesn't mean that Portland is split in spirit. It is just that Portland is physically divided due to our huge, glorious river.

Northeast Portland

Northeast Portland is generally more densely populated than the Southeast and is well-known for its arts scene. The Alberta Arts District is a key reason for NE Portland's vibrant art scene. Another haunt, Alberta Street in the Arts District is Burnside. It was also super duper dirty. The area has been modernized with amazing restaurants, creative bars, art galleries, and tons of street art. There are also some great boutiques.

The Alberta Arts District and Mississippi Avenue represent Northeast Portland in the same way that Belmont Street and Hawthorne Street are for Southeast Portland. Although Mississippi Avenue is in North Portland, it feels more like NE Portland since it is located in the area of North Portland between NE Portland and downtown. Each street is easily walked and offers a lot of activities.

The Grotto, which is 62 acres of botanical gardens, is one of Northeast's most treasured assets. It also includes the Oregon Convention Center and Mcmeniman’s Kennedy School.

The Northeast region is a great place to consider moving to Portland. It has a fun mix of everything. It is a diverse region with great culture and activities.

Northeast Portland has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Hidden behind seemingly ordinary buildings, there are many eclectic shops, bars, and restaurants that you can explore. Portland is such a foodie city that it's hard not to feel cool when you discover a new spot to eat. Northeast Portland has many of them.

Condominiums For Sale in Northeast Portland

Neighborhoods in NE Portland

Laurelhurst. Sunderland. Summer. Cully. Hollywood. Roseway. Humboldt. Concordia. King. Sabin. Elit. Grant Park. Sullivan's Gulch. Beaumont-Wilshire. Rose City Park. Madison South. Woodlawn. Boise. Vernon. Alameda. Irvington.

Many historic homes in NE Portland have been lovingly updated from the outside, and many are completely renovated inside. You'll be amazed at the diversity of houses in the region. NE Portland has it all, whether you are looking for a 1950s bungalow, a semi-mansion or a turn-of-the-century home.

Homes with Pools For Sale in Northeast Portland

Some of the best neighborhoods in Northeast Portland are Laurelhurst, Lloyd District, Kerns District, and Hollywood.

Lloyd District

The Lloyd District, which is located in Northeast Portland's downtown area, is the first neighborhood. Crossing over the Willamette River you will see the backsides of the MODA Center, and the City Center, where the Trailblazers are.

The Lloyd District is quite industrial to the south and along the river. However, there are many developments in the middle of the district. Although there aren't many options for residential housing within the district, condos, and apartments are being built along the edges, particularly around Burnside.

The Lloyd District is a vibrant area with lots to offer, given its proximity to downtown.

Kerns District

The Kerns District is a popular destination for foodies in Portland. It is sometimes just called East Burnside. It is home to some of Portland's most famous restaurants and some of America's top-rated restaurants. There are lines at the entrance of the most famous restaurants: Le Pigeon and Canard's as well as Ron Tom's and Screen Door.

The Kerns District is home to some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the city. There are also great shops and food trucks that pop up throughout the district. It's located south of the Lloyd District and close to downtown. This is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for young people.


The Laurelhurst neighborhood of Northeast Portland is near Burnside. It lies along the border between Northeast Portland and South Portland. It is home to beautiful parks and historic homes as well as large homes that make it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods on the city's east side.

This area is known for its grand architecture and grandeur. It is quiet and peaceful, with large lawns that are well-maintained.

It is a quiet, historic neighborhood but you are right in the middle of Portland. All the amenities of downtown are available to you, as well as the many perks offered by the nearby neighborhoods. It's easy to get anywhere the city has something to offer. You can find the MAX line and MODA Center nearby. There are also many options for food trucks, parts, and concerts in the vicinity.


The Hollywood District, located just north of Laurelhurst has seen a boom in recent years. The area is home to many theaters, bars, and coffee shops as well as concerts and shops. Sandy Road runs through the middle and is full of shops. Entertainment, food, and drink are plentiful.

These, combined with a large number of condos and apartments for rent, tend to attract a younger crowd. However, young families should not be afraid to explore the area. Good schools are available, as well as small detached homes that are great for people just starting.

These homes are smaller than most, but their architecture is up-to-date. These homes aren't cookie-cutter and offer a wide range of styles.

The Hollywood District is near MAX lines and many bus stations. You will also see scooters and bikes on the streets.


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Attractions in NE Portland

C'Est Si Bon! Angel Food, Fun Mexican Restaurant. Mae, OX. Grain & Gristle. Voodoo Too. Salty's on Columbia. To name just a few great places to eat in NE Portland

Northeast has a variety of Portland's best Farmers Markets, including King Farmers Market and Hollywood Farmers Market.

The Rose Garden basketball arena, Lloyd Center Mall and the Oregon Convention Center are all located in Northeast. In Northeast Portland, you'll find a variety of parks such as Khunamokwst park. The Native American Community Advisory Council named Khunamokwst Park, which was recently built in Northeast Portland's Cully area. In Chinook, the word Khunamokwst means "together".

Alberta Park is another fun option. Alberta Park is densely packed with old-growth trees and provides filtered light with a stunning green backdrop. This creates a great setting for many activities and gatherings.

Luuwit View Park is another Northeast Portland location that will bring you closer to the natural world in just minutes. Luuwit View Park is located in the Argay neighbourhood. It offers accessible picnic areas and play areas as well as accessible toilets. Skylab Architecture and 2inkstudio landscape architects designed the park. It features an amphitheater and basketball court, a rock climbing wall, skatepark and soccer field, as well as a splash pad. The park is surrounded by breathtaking views of the city.

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