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Tigard, Oregon is one of the most liveable cities in Oregon. It was founded in 1961. It is a family-friendly community that is both desirable and affordable. Tigard is just minutes away from downtown Portland Oregon.

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Downtown Historic District

The historic district of Tigard, also known as the old town, is an unforgettable experience. It features many shops, bars, and restaurants along its main street. You can find public transit connections to all locations in the area, including major malls. You can also access public bike trails and pedestrian walkways from Tigard's downtown.

The historic district is currently being transformed. On the Universal Plaza Downtown, work is currently underway for the preliminary design phase. The Plaza will offer large event spaces that can accommodate large events. Conceptual plans include a splash pad, a tree canopy maze, and an art and tool-sharing pavilion. The City Center Urban Renewal Plan aims to create urban spaces that offer pedestrians active and passive recreational opportunities and to attract residents and tourists to downtown.

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Parks and Recreation

Tigard Oregon residents have access to more than 16 miles worth of paved trails. About 550 acres are covered by parks and open spaces. Five major community parks are located in Tigard. They include trails, picnic areas and playgrounds, as well as sports fields, wetlands, and more. Twelve neighborhood parks provide residents with easy access to natural settings. Three community gardens are available: the Greenfield Community Garden (Jack Park Community Garden), the Metzger Community Garden (Metzger Community Garden), and the Jack Park Community Garden.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a road map provided by the City of Tigard, Oregon. This plan outlines the city's vision for Tigard's future parks, recreation and investment plans.


Each neighborhood is assigned a number. There are 13 officially separated geographical neighborhoods surrounding elementary schools and public transport routes. It is important to note that Tigard's City Hall is currently under construction. New neighborhoods are taking over former farmland, which is causing the city to grow exponentially. The 2010 census showed that the population was just 48,000. We believe that the 2020 census will show a population of just over 48,000.

Tigard-Tualatin school district governs the city's educational area. It consists of ten elementary schools, three middle and two high schools. However, some areas in the city's northwestern regions are under the Beaverton Schools District.

Local Attractions

Tigard Oregon is home to many local attractions. After being saved from scheduled demolition in 1970, the John Tigard House, the original home of the founder of Tigard, is proud to be a National Historic Place. It was also registered in 1979. Broadway Rose Theatre Company produces Broadway-style musicals that have won numerous awards for excellence in musical theatre.

The new iFly attraction is located opposite the Tigard Medical Mall. It allows people of all ages to experience the thrill of indoor skydiving and is a great place for birthday celebrations.

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