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Which Portland Neighborhood is Right for You

Which Portland Neighborhood is Right for You?

Portland Neighborhoods

Portland, Oregon, is an interesting town with many beautiful buildings and parks. It’s often called The City of Roses because of the beautiful landscapes and gardens. The top Portland neighborhoods are home to trendy bars, cultural offerings, and live entertainment venues. Nearly anyone can find a great home in a neighborhood they enjoy. 

Shopping for real estate may be overwhelming because of the diverse housing options available.  Narrowing down your options and finding the right neighborhood for you will be easier by learning a little bit about the Portland area. The neighborhoods below are some of the great neighborhoods in and around Portland. Just click below to learn about the numerous reasons why so many people love to live in these exceptional places.

Alameda | Alberta | Arlington Heights | Beaverton | Buckton | Central Eastside | Downtown Portland | Eastmoreland | Eliot | Goose Hollow | Hayden Island | Hillside | Laurelhurst | Lloyd District | Mississippi District | North Portland | Northwest District | Northwest Heights | Old Town – Chinatown | Pearl District | Richmond | Sabin | South Waterfront | Southwest Hills | University Park | West End

27 Best Neighborhoods & Communities in Portland


The stunning views of Downtown Portland can be seen from the condos and homes on the Alameda Ridge. The Alameda neighborhood has quiet, leafy streets. Many historic homes date back to the 1900s. The neighborhood is primarily residential, but quality restaurants and shops are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. You can find entire houses to buy, or you can convert apartments in Alameda. There are many options available that are less expensive away from the ridge and its outstanding views.

See homes for sale in Alameda

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Alberta Street is lined with bars, galleries, restaurants, and bars. It also hosts a monthly street market and a vibrant lifestyle. The unique shops are a magnet for fashionistas who visit to find new styles and the latest designers. In addition, there are many independent boutiques and galleries. The galleries sell sculptures and artwork from both local and international artists at reasonable prices.

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Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights offers stunning views. The International Rose Test Garden and Arboretum are great neighborhood highlights. It is easy to see why this area attracts outdoor lovers looking for the best of city living. It’s also a short walk from Downtown Portland, so it’s a quick commute.

For trendy dining, locals often walk to the nearby Downtown neighborhoods of Nob Hill and Pearl District. Arlington Heights’ natural attraction is its great outdoors. You will find a mixture of private and small condos in this area.

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Arlington Heights is adjacent to the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park.  Change Realty Home of the 1% Listing Fee.
Portland International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park


Beaverton, a suburb of Portland, feels like a mix between small-town and city living. It has the same eclectic feel as Portland and mixed-used developments that offer shopping and dining. Beaverton is also home to Nike’s headquarters.

Enjoy a weekend of hiking and biking along 30 miles of trails. Beaverton offers modern living options, including single-family homes, two-story buildings, and stylish condos with on-site gyms and pools. Beaverton is a great place to live for remote workers because of its natural amenities and low cost.

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Buckman and its environs will offer you a wide range of dining and shopping options.

It is a lively and friendly area. The area is home to many great restaurants and pubs. Buckman has condo options in both older and modern buildings.

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Central Eastside

The Central Eastside was once a decaying warehouse district. Today, it is a vibrant hub for Portland’s design and art scene. You will find mixed-use buildings as well as rehabilitated warehouses throughout the neighborhood.

Downtown Portland

Locals often lump the Pearl District with Downtown Portland. They are, however, distinct.

Downtown is the heart of the city’s retail sector. The lack of sales tax is a boon for locals.

It’s also a short walk from cultural offerings. You can find the Portland Ballet, theatres, galleries, and more. There are almost limitless food options Downtown.

There are many condos and luxury apartments Downtown. In addition, you will find waterfront views and bike storage so that you can ride along the Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park on weekends.

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The upscale Eastmoreland neighborhood has a more traditional feel without being commercialized. The streets are tree-lined and curvy, so it offers a rural feel that is a great escape from urban living.

There aren’t many restaurants in Eastmoreland. Instead, you will find amazing parks, such as the Eastmoreland Golf Course and Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. Eastmoreland is well-known for its manicured lawns and high-end homes. However, you can also find apartments in smaller buildings.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Crystal near Eastmoreland


Eliot is located in Portland’s Northeast area. It is a diverse area with a peaceful vibe. This area isn’t as affected by commercial development as many Portland neighborhoods. As a result, it is more resistant to fast-food chains and big-box retailers.

Eliot, unlike the Pearl District, has many of its original warehouses. Many believe the area is ready for revitalization. Eliot is home to older homes and apartments. This makes Eliot more affordable than other nearby areas. It is also easy to commute into downtown Portland.

Goose Hollow

Goose Hollow blends old and new and is close to Nob Hill. It is part of Portland’s historic neighborhoods, dating back to 1845. Goose Hollow also houses Providence Park, where the Portland Timbers are based. You’ll also find cultural centers in Goose Hollow like the Artists Repertory Theatre. The neighborhood’s tree-lined streets are home to a mixture of vintage and modern homes.

Hayden Island

Hayden Island is a small neighborhood located in between Vancouver and Portland. It’s a popular spot for those who enjoy kayaking and fishing, as the island lies in the main channel of the Columbia River. North of Hayden Island is the main channel of the Columbia River, which also passes through the Washington/Oregon state line. The island is a great place to live for those who love spending time outdoors, as well as those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful neighborhood.

Hayden island is also home to a few small businesses, including a grocery store, a few restaurants, and a small shopping center. The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges – the Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge and the Interstate Bridge. The Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge is a cable-stay bridge that was completed in 1993.

The Interstate Bridge is a suspension bridge that was completed in 1917. The bridges are open to both vehicles and pedestrians and are a great way to get to and from the island.

The west side of the island (in unincorporated Multnomah County) is as yet undeveloped, though it was added to the urban growth boundary by voters. The county is currently working on a plan for the development of the west side of the island. The development is expected to include a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

If you’re looking to buy a home, Hayden Island is a great place to live that’s quiet and peaceful, but still close to all the action. The neighborhood is also home to a few parks, including Hayden Island Park and Columbia Viewpoint Park. 

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Hillside can be found in Northwest Portland. It is well-known for its beautiful homes and narrow streets. Hillside Community Center is the heart of Hillside, with Pittock Mansion Acres and rolling gardens.

You can spend the day exploring the Oregon Zoo and Portland Japanese Gardens. In addition, you can find Hillside’s beautiful old homes that have been converted into apartments. Modern, mid-rise condos are also available with updated amenities and kitchens.


You will find beautiful vintage homes around Laurelhurst Park. Laurelhurst is a popular place to view historic homes. In addition, the neighborhood is proud of its artistic atmosphere. Visit the Laurelhurst Theatre and Music Millennium. In addition, you will find smaller apartment buildings and mid-rises all over Laurelhurst.

Lloyd District

The Lloyd District neighborhood is a top choice in Portland. This area is home to the Oregon Convention Center, where you can find music, theatre productions, and even the Trail Blazers.

You can shop your way through the extensive Lloyd Center Shopping mall, which features big-box retailers as well as the Lloyd Center Ice Rink. You can find newer condos or apartment buildings in the Lloyd District. Apartment hunters on a tight budget will also find older buildings for a lower price.


Portland’s North Mississippi Avenue district is home to hipster culture. This street is home to many live music venues. Mississippi Records has blues and soul recordings that you can add to your collection. You can find condominiums in Mississippi’s older, more spacious urban buildings as well as modern options.

North Portland

North Portland is one of the city’s four quadrants, with its quirky vibe and unique backdrop. Shops and restaurants line Mississippi Street. Or, take in the view from St. Johns.

Williams Street offers shopping, dining, and neighborhood pubs. It is a great place to find a laid-back atmosphere. There are many options in North Portland for both old and new condos. In addition, there may be views of the Columbia or Willamette Rivers.

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Northwest District (“Nob Hill” and “Northwest Portland”)

Nob Hill is an alternative to the Pearl District. However, there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and pubs to pick from. It is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in Northwest Portland. In addition, you will find a variety of condos and townhomes available in trendy complexes and reimagined spaces, as well as mid-rises that are packed full of amenities.

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Northwest Heights

Northwest Heights can be found on the west side of Portland. It is known for its nearby Nob Hill.

This forested area is well-known for its lush greenery and rolling hills, offering cyclists new challenges. This area is known for its wealth and green spaces, including Forest Park.

This neighborhood offers a mixture of single-family homes and condos.

Old Town-Chinatown

Old Town Chinatown is home to a mixture of commercial office space and popular nightclubs. Portland housing prices are on the rise in this neighborhood, where you can live close to all that Downtown has to offer. You can find locals in the lively bars and dance clubs located around the city. Portland Saturday Market is home to arts and crafts vendors. In addition, you can find condos and lofts close to the waterfront or complexes with modern amenities.

Pearl District

The Pearl District, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Portland, is a haven for young professionals moving to Portland. This community used to be full of warehouses. These buildings now house art galleries, shops, and famous restaurants. There are also many nightlife options.

The Pearl District has a lot of living options to choose from including repurposed warehouses and lofts as well as the new midrises.

The trendy Pearl District will cost you more than other Portland neighborhoods. However, locals believe the trade-off is worth it for the nightlife and delicious dining.

Beautiful Loft Condo in the Portland Pearl District
Modern Portland Loft


The hip neighborhood of Richmond is home to the “Hawthorne District,” which features a variety of trendy restaurants, art galleries, and vintage shops. Richmond is known for its independent spirit and bustling streets of Clinton and Division. You’ll find colorful craftsman houses lined the streets, with newly renovated duplexes welcoming Portland’s growing population.


Among the smallest neighborhoods in Portland, Sabin still has all the amenities. It is located just south of Alberta Street Arts District. This neighborhood is popular with families and locals who want a quiet but vibrant atmosphere. This tight-knit community is home to Sabin HydroPark and the Sabin Community Orchard. You can find updated condos in small buildings or renovated options around Sabin.


Sellwood-Moreland offers the best of both urban and suburban living. This family-friendly neighborhood provides high-quality schools. It is also cheaper than many of Portland’s neighboring areas.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon at Oaks Amusement Park. The park dates back more than 100 years and features old-fashioned rides, a skating track, and cotton candy treats.

This neighborhood offers a mix of single-family homes and condos for sale.

South Waterfront

South Waterfront underwent a redevelopment. It now houses several high-rises. In addition, it is home to the Portland Aerial Tram, a panoramic view-oriented aerial tram, and a car-free bridge.

You can walk or bike to your high-rise waterfront condo overlooking the Willamette River.

South Waterfront Park in Portland Oregon. Find South Waterfront Homes for Sale at Change Realty, home of the 1% Listing fee.
South Waterfront Park Portland
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Southwest Hills

Southwest Hills is an upscale residential neighborhood located near Washington Park, Oregon Zoo, and other popular areas. On lazy weekends, residents can stroll through the International Rose Test Garden and hike Marquam Nature Park.

Although it is quieter, Southwest Hills is only minutes from Downtown Portland. In addition, you can see Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens in the distance. To find some of the best bars and restaurants you want, you must travel to Southwest Hills.

Find homes and condos for sale in Southwest Hills.

University Park

University Park houses University of Portland students and employees looking for modest homes and condos. You can easily commute Downtown by bike or with the Max light rail or connecting bike line. University Park also offers modest homes, condos, duplexes, and older buildings for real estate investors. 

West End

West End is located in Downtown Portland. It is located near the Pearl District, between Southwest Morrison and West Burnside.

Poetry lovers love to spend weekends looking through the rare and new collections at Powell Books. This neighborhood is well-known for its lively vibe and vibrant shopping scene.

Choosing the right Portland Neighborhood

As you can see, there are several options available in the Portland area when it comes to choosing a neighborhood. The problem can sometimes be deciding on which one best suites your wants and needs.

Feel free to reach out to our team here at Change Realty if you want to learn more about any of these Portland neighborhoods. We would love the opportunity to work with you and help you find a home that’s just right for you.