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Why Professional Photos Matter When You’re Selling Your Home

6 Reasons Why Professional Photos Matter When You’re Selling Your Home

The answer to your question about whether or not you should hire someone to take photos of your home for you is yes. Photos are important when listing your home for sale. Professional photos can make a huge difference in the way your home looks to potential buyers. They’ll have a great impression even before they step foot on the property.

The truth is that in the age of the internet, great photos sell homes. The most recent Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers form NAR found that in 2020, the percentage of buyers who used the internet to search for a home increased to an all-time high of 97%. And that number is expected to reach a near 100% level very soon. With limited time and countless listings to click through, buyers quickly move on if photos don’t catch their attention.

Here are six reasons photos are important when you sell your house

Before we actually get into the list, it’s important to note that hiring a professional photographer is one of the things real estate agents do. So it’s important to check with your realtor first, before hiring a professional photographer.

home buyer looking for homes online

1. Buyers search the internet for potential homes

The majority of buyers research homes online before they go to the market. The internet makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for in any location. However, with rising home prices, there is a lot of competition. Photos are essential to attract buyers.

2. Professional photographers can help make your home more welcoming

Professional photographers are skilled at maximizing the light, angles and surroundings to showcase your home to its best advantage. This is a very important thing for a competitive market. Professional photographers can transform even a small home into a welcoming space that buyers want to visit.

3. A professional photographer will speed up the process of listing

Your photographer will take care of all the details, including lighting, angles, and what features to focus on. Your agent can now focus on their specialties, while your photographer takes care of the details. Let another professional take care of these details instead. This will ultimately lead to better quality photos as well as your listing going live a little bit sooner.

4. Buyers expect photos when they look at homes

Even though they may find your home in other ways, buyers still expect photos to be included on your MLS listing. They’re likely looking at dozens of homes. This can be confusing, especially if it’s hard to remember which one you like the most. High-quality professional photos will make it easy for buyers to choose the right listing. It might even be a determining factor in someone choosing your home.

professional photo of a kitchen

5. It’s not just about great photos

The evolution of technology means that we don’t have to limit ourselves to 2D images. Many real estate photographers offer cutting-edge services such as virtual tours, 3D tours and detailed floor plans. These “extras”, which are vital for today’s buyers, are essential. NAR’s 2021 Generational Trends report shows that Gen Xers (ages 41 to 55) and Older Gen Y/Millennials (31-44) are the largest buyers. According to these buyers, photos are the most important aspect of a real property listing. Features like floor plans and virtual tours, interactive maps and videos all rank in the top 14.

6. Homes with professional photos sell for more money

Last but not least, if you have high-quality, professional photos, your home could sell for thousands of dollars more than if you choose amateur photos. Some homes see a significant increase in price per square foot when the pictures show them off the home in its best light.

In Conclusion

Most real estate agents will cover the cost of professional photos anyway. So that is just one more reason to use a realtor when listing your home for sale.

Photos are important when selling your home. Hiring a professional photographer can make all the difference. You will be rewarded for choosing a real professional to showcase your home.